Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Walt Disney Concert Hall

I've been living in Los Angeles for more than seven years. Every time I see a photograph of Walt Disney Concert Hall, I say to myself, "I should get myself there and take my own photo of it." I've been there for a concert, without a camera. I've passed it many times, without a camera. Finally, this past Sunday, I got myself on the bus and went there with the full intention of making photographs.

And here are a couple of the images I made:

As I kept circling the building, looking up and down, I found a lot of pink floating around - a few blooming trees, a balloon someone left - and that gives a little twist to this otherwise monochrome icon.

Now I can say, "Been there, shot that." I'm happy that I finally did what I said I was going to do. And you know what made me even happier? All this was accomplished without the pain of carrying big heavy camera all day. All I was using was the light Sony NEX-5N. Definitely my favorite fun camera for works that don't need to be printed large.

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